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    Below are our rules for the use of this forum. All rules policing is done by the Administrators of this forum. These rules can change at any time.

    1. Make posts in the relevant forum. Do not post the same thread in multiple forums.

    2. No private sales of any items are allowed to be listed in a post.

    3. No Commercial Intent - no post promoting another business or product is permitted.

    4. Avatars and signatures must be in good taste. No inappropriate or sexually suggestive material is allowed, in the administrator's sole discretion.

    5. Pornographic or sexually suggestive materially is not permitted in any form in posts and will result in a ban.

    6. "Trolling" is not permitted. Posts intended solely to be inflammatory or to troll others will result in a ban.

    7. Harassment, insults, threats, and similar posts will result in a ban.

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