Precision welding metal studs

Discussion in 'Welding' started by BadVolf, Jul 29, 2017.

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    Hello! I have been trying to find this information everywhere but I can't seem to find any clear answer. I'm not exactly a fabricator, I'm a designer starting my own company and I need to find a fabricator that can do a certain task.

    I have a metal structure and I need to create a face with 1 mm thick sheet steel. This face cannot have any Fasteners showing. The face will mount into a couple of pieces of metal while sandwiching a thick piece of acrylic.

    The face must align perfectly with the acrylic and the pieces of metal behind it. For this, I need a perimeter of studs welded around the back side of the face and they must precisely line up with holes that are laser cut into the other pieces of metal.

    Is there a technology that fabricators use to exactly position studs with sub millimeter accuracy? If so, what do I need to look for when I choose a fabrication company? And what is that technology called? Thank you in advance! Attached are a few photographs what I am talking about. pastedImage-1.png
    BadVolf Table, V2_Camera_Default Camera.jpg
    BadVolf Table, V2_Camera_Camera 4(1).jpg BadVolf Table, V2_Camera_SOLIDWORKS Viewport(1).jpg
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    Any metal that thin is going to dimple with studs attached to it, I would go with some double sided bonding tape like this or spray adhesives (click the chat link and talk to them about it). build an alignment jig to properly align each pce before landing it. The acrylic is probably water jet or cnc router cut you could bond the 2 pcs prior to cutting.

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