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Discussion in 'General Fabrication' started by gearheadmike, Jan 5, 2021.

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    Little back story i'm working on a project car a 1950 Crosley it's a small car but did a larger 4 cyl engine swap and now building a disk brake set up. Brakes are from a 81 civic so not a large set up. I got some 4130 normalized chromoly 1/4" plate for the caliper backing plate. I got my template made and transferred over to the steel. But not sure how it should be cut and how the 2 large holes made?

    Thoughts on some stuff is will a abrasive cut off wheel gen to much heat and cause the cut edges to be annealed?

    What to use to cut the 2 large holes? Hole saw/drill bit/bridgeport?

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